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Dec 12, 2014

Be funny. That’s really the only rule in stand-up comedy, right? It is a biggie, and it trumps everything. The funnier you are the more you can get away with, no doubt.

But there are countless unwritten rules of comedy. Most of these unspoken expectations are unsaid because you think only an idiot would have to be told to abide by them. Fair enough. But I broke nearly every one of these rules – one as recently as two weeks ago. And I knew better.

We cover a small portion of the most frequently broken guidelines in this episode. Including:

  • Two tips to consider when performing at an open mic
  • A thought or two on dressing for the stage
  • Respecting the sanctity of the “green room”
  • Golden rules of the stage
  • Getting along with the staff at the club
  • Correct Condo Courtesy
  • And a reminder on material and “your” jokes

And a few more tips that fall somewhere in between.

This episode was a lot of fun and I appreciate the input from members of the Louisville Comedy & D.C. Comedy Writing Facebook groups.

We only had a little time, what "unwritten rules" should we have included? E-mail them to us at


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