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School Of Laughs

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Dec 3, 2015

This week I get to share with you a buddy of mine who is truly the total entertainer. Comedy – check. Musician – Check. Customized programs – Check. Hosting and Emceeing – Check. Fat Elvis suit … double check.

When I first got to Nashville in 2000, it seemed everywhere I went people were mentioning Gary. I was either the comedian they booked the year after he performed or the one they booked because Gary was already booked. Today, you will discover why.

Gary shares with us about 150 or more great ideas (no lie) in this jam packed interview. Among them, Gary shares with us:

  • Why thinking you’ve got it figured out is the first step towards THE END
  • How identifying what your gift is makes things so much easier
  • How he started at a young age with old music
  • The excitement of his first real corporate gig paycheck
  • Tips on being “easy to work with”
  • The tricky parts of performing for the same group multiple times

and much, much more!

Find out more about Gary at his web site:


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