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Dec 10, 2015

Tim Grable of "The Grable Group" generously allows me to pick his brain in this episode. I want to know how comedians and speakers can make it EASY for booking agents to hire them.

Tim's background as a talent booker stretches back to his days at Taylor University, where he turned around their live events in a big way within just a year. He was hired quickly after college to book speakers for events. Shortly thereafter he founded The Nashville Speakers Bureau, became President of Nashville Agency, and ultimately started The Grable Group. Tim utilizes a comprehensive background in business and entertainment sectors to locate and develop endorsements, licensing, and film and TV resources.

Tim exclusively represents a handful of clients, including comedians Taylor Mason, Bob Stromberg, Jeff Allen, Daren Streblow, Thor Ramsey, and rePercussion - a Drumming Comedy Show.

In this episode I asked him specifically about:

  • Making the transition from booking bands to speakers and comedians
  • Ways to get on an agent's "radar"
  • What are things performers do that make it hard to book them?
  • Pros and cons of an online public calendar
  • Social media strategies
  • Benefits of blogging
  • Web site frustrations
  • Budgeting for marketing
  • Sand artist Joe Castillo

And much, much more

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