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School Of Laughs

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Jan 26, 2017


As we look back at 2016 for the final time, I wanted to make sure I admitted some mistakes, misconception and missteps. We can all learn from a mistake. If you don't, then that mistake becomes a habit and you will soon commit it again. You can (and will) make mistakes at every level of the comedy business.

To give some extra depth to the topic, I brought in two former students who are now full time to see what they learned as well. Jonnie W. and Brian Bates each share some hard earned stand up comedy lessons from the past year. Jonnie is a fixture in the Christian comedy world. Brian is also in that field but spends a majority of his time in the comedy club scene. I am fairly entrenched in corporate comedy.


So, the perspectives come from three comedians in three different markets. And also from a single fellow, a married fellow, and a fellow married with two kids.

We cover 3 lessons each in this episode. Specifically we talk about:

  • How easy it is to lose focus on your health
  • How over communicating may not be enough
  • When one of us should have "Thought Bigger"
  • How many gigs is too many gigs?
  • How much new comedy material we should work up
  • Why being the fastest joke slinger isn't necessarily a good thing
  • Looking at the data to see what you are actually doing best at
  • Having a bigger impact with the gift of stand up comedy

and a whole lot more.



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