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School Of Laughs

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Oct 2, 2021

Do you struggle with memorizing your jokes? Have you ever had problems with your voice during a show? What are the pros and cons of using props or musical instruments on stage?

In this “after-school special” recorded with students from the writing class in Nashville, we discuss several techniques to help you tie your jokes together. We talk about how to save your failing voice. We go into detail about the many negatives of lugging extra things with you onstage. Also, we discuss some of the benefits of using those guitars and props.


Overall, this is a wide-ranging, fast-paced episode with great questions from these students.

Listen and you’ll discover:

  • How a friend of mine memorizes 90 minutes of material using his house.
  • How you can connect my show together with tag lines.
  • What my “hourglass” approach to comedy is.
  • Why I was told to “lose the guitar” – and why I’m glad I didn’t!
  • What happened when Carrot Top lost his props in a fire at the club.
  • Why do some comedy club managers hate dealing with props of any kind onstage?

and much more.



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