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School Of Laughs

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Feb 15, 2019

Kay Dodd shares how she hit the reset button on her career after she decided “clean” was the way to go. Early in her journey she worked with Jeff Foxworthy on a few dates and he encouraged her to have a clean act. It took tossing out the old show and starting anew. Lucky for us, she is every bit as funny and able to perform anywhere with her current show.


We talk about a variety of things including:

  • Discovering the Christian Comedy Association thanks to a friend’s email
  • Taking a comedy class that helped her jump full time into comedy after just a year
  • Leaving her office job to pursue comedy
  • Getting her foot in the door at the Punchline and other clubs
  • Working for Aubrey Pippin at The Comedy House Theater in the 90’s
  • How CHT would “rate the audience” and why
  • Setting up a Quarterly Fundraiser

And a whole lot more!


@KayDoddComedy on Twitter


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