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Feb 5, 2016

turn your comedy into a speech

Have you ever thought that you have more to offer an audience than laughter? Being a comedian is perfectly admirable all by itself. No doubt. But do you have more to offer? Feel like you are missing out on your calling?

Today, as I was catching up with former student Chris Cherry, one random question led us down a path of potentially redirecting his career. And I think this is a potential path for anyone who has skills or expertise already in place outside of stand-up.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • The changes in his act during the past 8 years
  • Early material vs today
  • His job as a mentor to middle school kids
  • Getting inspired to do comedy at age 5
  • Trusting his gut and ditching a set en route to his first show
  • Joining forces with other comics (enthusiastically)
  • The ideal gigs he is after
  • Networking struggles on the road
  • Tips on getting to know managers
  • The power of EVERNOTE in developing relationships
  • Web site tweaks
  • and why A.C.N.E. might be the best thing to happen to CHRIS!

If converting your stand-up into a speech is on your radar, let me know. I might put together an online course if there is enough interest. This combination of a comedy act plus a message has enabled me to reach more audiences on both fronts and can be a tool for you as well.

If you have ideas for Chris and the program we talk about, feel free to forward them onto me at Or connect with him on Instagram, Facebook or his web site:

chris cherry  Chris Cherry    Chris Cherry

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