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School Of Laughs

Welcome to the School of Laughs podcast. I am your host, Rik Roberts.

My goal is to help you get bigger, better, and more bookable as a comedian. Use the search tool at to find episodes on your favorites topics within comedy.  Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Apr 30, 2015

Like it or not, part of the job of a comedian is “sales”. You are constantly selling your act, selling your professionalism, selling yourself to bookers, owners, managers, agents and audiences. If you can’t spend some time to develop that skill, you will struggle. It’s plain, and simple.

Whether you represent...

Apr 24, 2015

With the talk of presidential candidates in the air here in the United States, producer Gavin Miller and I got to thinking about what we want in a leader. Oddly enough, many traits we identified are also traits of great comedians.

Candidates are definitely characters. Comedians are as well. But what are the common...

Apr 16, 2015

044 S.T.R.E.T.C.H. PUSH YOUR SELF [podcast]

You may feel like you are making huge strides in your comedy career, but are you? Most performers find a comfortable little comedy “safe place” and never wander beyond it. We all know comics who could be SO MUCH BETTER. Maybe, that comic is yourself.

This episode gives...

Apr 9, 2015

No doubt about it, at some point in your comedy journey you will be invited to - or thrown in the middle of - a comedy contest. In response to a listener question (thanks Brent!) we spend this episode weighing the pros and cons of participating in comedy competitions.

My first inadvertent night onstage, I found myself...

Apr 2, 2015

In episode 36 “Live Writing Session” our producer (and aspiring comedian) Gavin Miller brought in a few concepts to brainstorm. After he pitched a few ideas we decided to work on one that was inspired by a friend of his. In a nutshell, the friend wanted to give homeless people easy access to Facebook so they could...