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School Of Laughs

Welcome to the School of Laughs podcast. I am your host, Rik Roberts.

My goal is to help you get bigger, better, and more bookable as a comedian. Use the search tool at to find episodes on your favorites topics within comedy.  Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Dec 15, 2017

Today I am joined by students who want to know insights on starting your own comedy show, how to get started when you are an introvert, getting spots on booked shows and writing for others.

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Dec 1, 2017

Josh Novey is a self proclaimed “Fat Veteran”. I would describe more like a gentle bear of a comedian. At almost 8 years into his comedy journey Josh has found his groove and is putting in the work to make it more than full time job. Having just recorded a DVD despite strep throat and laryngitis, Josh sits down to...

Nov 15, 2017

Devin Henderson joins me to day to talk about corporate entertaining. He started magic at 11 years old. After college he went full speed ahead after his dream. Not full speed, he slows down to have kids - 5 of them - from time to time.

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We met up at...

Nov 1, 2017

Rik Roberts took a business approach to pursuing comedy. Starting in 1991 at an open mic, he quickly got bit by the comedy bug. In this episode, Joel Byars (of the popular HOT BREATH podcast) interviews Rik Roberts in this "pod-swap" part two. In part one of the pod-swap, Rik interviews Joel about his 7 year career in...

Oct 1, 2017

Are you starting comedy later in life? Trying to find a way to get more stage time? Looking for realistic goals? Then this episode is for you! Today I talk with former student Bo Shuster, about all things comedy.

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