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School Of Laughs

Welcome to the School of Laughs podcast. I am your host, Rik Roberts.

My goal is to help you get bigger, better, and more bookable as a comedian. Use the search tool at to find episodes on your favorites topics within comedy.  Be sure to subscribe and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Jun 28, 2017

On this episode I sit down with Lucy Sinsheimer, manager at Zanies Comedy Showplace in Nashville, TN.

This week's episode is brought to you by Patreon Sponsor Brian Bates and the Clean Comedy Challenge!



zanies nashville managing a comedy club


We cover a lot of ground about managing a comedy club in this episode,...

Jun 15, 2017

On this episode I sit down with Andy Beningo from Live at Gotham. Andy started comedy 12 years ago while attending Central Michigan University. The last 10 of those years he has been performing full time. Splitting his time equally between clubs, corporates and churches, Andy is a clean comic who is not afraid to...

Jun 1, 2017

On this episode I sit down with two of my current writing class students to discuss their Stand Up Comedy First Steps. Beginning stand up comedy can definitely be confusing. I try to help guide them in directions that will result in quick wins and momentum.This week's episode is brought to you by Patreon Sponsor Greg...