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Feb 15, 2018

You better grab a pen and get ready to take some notes. This episode is like a mini-business course with comedian Kenn Kington. Kenn spent early years as a sales person for a Fortune 500 company. When he ventured into comedy he took that same work ethic and created a career that now spans over 30 years.

Beginning by producing his own Incredible Ultimate Date Night Comedy Events at churches across the country, Kenn finds a need and solves it. Very few comedians think this way. Instead, most have shows and need someone to solve the problem of an empty calendar. Flipping your mindset into a problem solver will pay dividends every time.

Kenn shares with us a lot of tips, including:

Meeting his wife after a DVD taping
Encountering Tim Hawkins really, really early on
Using video to showcase your skill set to buyers
Thinking ahead and seeing others
Avoiding the bait and switch approach to date nights
Duct Tape Date Night conception
The value of giving something away
A tip he picked up from me for after shows
Why you should announce your vision more than you ask for gigs
I know you are going to love this episode and probably listen to it more than once. Get to know Kenn through the links below.

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Twitter: @KennKington

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