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Sep 28, 2016

linkedIn strategies with Dave Delaney

This episode is brought to you by all of our Patreon sponsors and!

Today I talk with digital marketing consultant Dave Delaney ( about the power of LinkedIn strategies for comedians and speakers.

The Nashville Business Journal calls him a “power leader of technology in Nashville”. He is the recipient of the prestigious Digital Media Champion AIM Award by the American Marketing Association in Nashville.

So, he gets it. Fortunately for us, we can pick his brain a little and try to absorb some of that knowledge.

We cover a lot of ground, specifically we talk about:

  • LinkedIn Strategies for leveraging our "connections"
  • Making sure our profile is "keyword rich"
  • Why SEO is important even on LinkedIn
  • One aspect of LInkedIN we probably aren't tapping into
  • Using SLIDESHARE to get videos onto LInkedIN
  • Creating mini e-books
  • Ways to ask for recommendations
  • How to leave a recommendation
  • Search tips including how to reach decision makers
  • Using Gumroad to accept money for products
  • Advanced search options
  • Exporting our connections (including their emails) for marketing
  • Using a CRM like Contactually to help organize "buckets" of leads
  • Judd Apatow's book "Sick in the head" and Dave's article that summarizes it

and much, much more. If you are in need of LinkedIn Strategies then this is the episode yo'v been waiting for! Grab a pen, paper and headphones and listen in!

Rik Roberts



Dave Delaney is a popular keynote speakerauthor and digital marketing consultant. When he is not focusing on his clients, he can be found hanging with his family, and writing here and on his personal blog.

Delaney is best recognized for his work in the digital marketing, social media strategy, and business networking spaces. Delaney is the author of the acclaimed book, New Business Networking,  and has a bi-monthly column in The Tennessean newspaper.

Delaney has been featured in Billboard Magazine as a digital marketing expert to follow on Twitter. In 2015, Forbes featured him as a professional networking expert to watch. Delaney has also appeared in articles in USA Today, BBC, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Venture Beat, The Tennessean, Nashville Business Journal, and Toronto Globe and Mail.

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