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Sep 1, 2021

[This encore presentation of my interview with Jeanne Robertson is in honor of the late Speaker & Huomrists passing. Prayers and condolences for all those who were close to her. ]

An interview with a rock star - Jeanne Robertson!

In July of 2017, I had a great time talking with Jeanne. We discuss a career that started in the late ’60s and has carried her into the 2020s. You don’t last that 58 years in show business unless you are jaw-dropping funny. Jeanne Robertson absolutely is!

Jeanne arrived on my radar in 2015 when I heard her routines on Laugh USA (SiriusXM Satellite radio). I had never crossed paths with her at a comedy club and kept wondering “Where did this hilarious lady come from?” It turns out she comes from North Carolina and entered comedy through the speaking circuit. She’s quick to tell you she is a humorist – not a stand-up comedian. But don’t let that fool you. Her stories are full of laughs all the way to the huge surprise payoff.

With over 344,000 YouTube Subscribers and over 100 MILLION views, Jeanne grew more popular than ever.

After getting to know her for years through her routines, I finally got the chance to meet up with Jeanne at a session on humor at the National Speaker’s Association conference in Orlando, FL.

Jeanne Robertson Show Notes

Specifically, we talk about:

Connecting through the National Speakers Association
Her upcoming show at the Ryman Auditorium
Watching Carol Burnett live and getting to meet her
Weaving a little audience participation into her shows
Going from the Miss North Carolina Pageant to the speaking circuit
Working in a message for her corporate audiences
Embracing the internet and catapulting her career
Getting help from Al McCree to go digital on iTunes
The difference between being a speaker and a concert entertainer
What to expect at a comedy club vs hearing a humorist
Updating and improving material that continues to grow
The origin of “Left Brain” stories based on her husband Jerry
Giving the audience permission to laugh
The process and steps she uses to develop stories
The Genie Journal and how it helps accumulate stories
How not talking about yourself can generate material

And a whole lot more!

Want to learn more about Jeanne Robertson

Jeanne’s official website

Don’t Send A Man To The Grocery Store” on YOUTUBE