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Nov 22, 2016

Today I sit down with comedian and keynote speaker Nick Arnette. Nick has lived and performed comedy in Denver Seattle and L.A. However, I met Nick this summer in Des Moines, IA while doing a Speakers Bureau Showcase. Nick had a great set and I wanted to make sure to follow up and get his story soon after the showcase. I am glad I did.

We covered a lot of ground including,

Starting out in Denver and having to follow Roseanne in her heyday
Being inspired by Tim Allen
The talent level at the Denver Comedy Works
Why headliners had a tough time at Wit’s End
His move to Seattle and the reason behind it
How tough it can be to break into acting in L.A.
What role I was told I was good for in a tv show
The advantage of having a “point” and a “program"
Tough situations when performing corporate shows
Nick’s books “Me, Wee & Glee”, and “The Book of Dude”
Pro’s and Con’s of Self-Publishing vs A Deal
His approach for getting his books out of his head and onto paper
His "Cool People I Know Or Meet” video project
How many movies I’ve seen in the past 20 years
The dependence on smart phones
My kid’s Youtube channel
AAA TripTik’s, Trucker Atlases and Tribble runs

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