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May 21, 2015



Knowing how to approach different people based on their personality type can be a HUGE factor in whether you get your message across. Randy Miller of MOVE ON TODAY 2 specializes in identifying personality traits and how to interact with people based on them.


When it comes to being a comedian, this is a crucial skill. I specifically wanted Randy on the show to help us figure out how to deal with the people and personalities we interact with in our careers.


Specifically, we talked about:


  • How do you know what type someone is?
  • Are there questions you can ask that give you insight?
  • What types of personalities are MOST people?
  • Can personality types overlap?
  • Are hecklers a certain type?
  • How much does knowing your own personality help?
  • In the green room, how can you pick up on various types?
  • Are there different ways to approach each type?
  • Should you market towards similar types?
  • Would opposite types still like your comedy?
  • Would it be wise to book a line up for a show using all 4 primary types?
  • Should we openly tell an audience what type we are with our opening jokes?


And much, much more!


Overall, the discussion focuses on how we can use this knowledge to our advantage as comedians. I benefited from one using one of Randy’s tips the very next day. This is great, great stuff!


You can connect with Randy by visiting . Find out more about what type you are and how people perceive you, as well as how you can connect better with others.



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