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Nov 16, 2021

I just wrapped up 17 shows in 27 days. I am still learning how to be a comedian, speaker, facilitator, and actor. On top of that, I have to book travel and get myself to and from the gigs. Today I am going to share with you a lesson learned from each of the events.

During the run, my shows consisted of two of my speeches, my stand-up, personal appearances, and as audience warm-up. It requires a lot of versatility and resilience. Sometimes I think those qualities are more important than talent. Probably not, but they help! Nevertheless, this episode is chock full of comedy lessons learned during the 17 events performed.

Thanks to our PATREON sponsor for this episode JOHN PETERS!


Specifically, I'll talk about:

  • What Barney Fife, Realtors, and a Mexican Restaurant have in common
  • A unique soundproof booth for doing a zoom interview
  • How an outreach event turned into a virtual solo show
  • Why being overprepared comes in handy
  • A lesson in generosity
  • Standing your ground to protect your health and restfulness
  • Working in new material
  • How a former NFL player gave me a set-up for a new joke
  • What to do when a health official coughs all over your microphone
  • Being appreciative of your friends and family
  • Remembering to loosen up and "add the flavor"
  • Making a wish and top golf
  • Rolling the dice on an Uber in Atlantic City
  • The accent in Boston I wasn't expecting
  • Establishing off-stage relationships with clients and CEO's
  • How refreshing it is to work with other comics
  • Knowing your crowd and when to slow down
  • How gender jokes can still work

and much more.

Folks mentioned in this episode include:

Dan Swartout [Episode 092] Let Your Style Develop

John Branyan [Episode 116] Three New Premises

Andrew Rudick

David Pendleton

Chris Cohen



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