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School Of Laughs

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Dec 15, 2018

Comedian Dale Jones has a prescription for hilarious high-energy comedy. Which is good, because his stand-up is infectious and contagious!

If you've never seen Dale Jones perform there is only one thing you need to know: he was influenced by Looney Tunes. Yes, Dale blends the physical cartoonish expressions with high level, smart material to create a truly unique show. Lot's of comics claim to be "unique". Dale truly is!

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Dale Jones started his comedy career in 1993. Initially, he tried to be "the cool guy" onstage. After a friend suggested he be more like his crazy "offstage" self, he scrapped everything and rebooted as the high energy persona you see today.

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We cover a lot, specifically ...

  • Being married to comedienne JODY WHITE
  • Working on Cruise Ships
  • Structuring multiple sets for the same audience
  • The advantage of "gigs on land" over cruises
  • The physical toll his comedy takes on his body
  • How he stays in shape mentally and physically
  • Performing for PureFlix Comedy All-Stars
  • Favorite clubs
  • How emceeing has changed over the years
  • Memorizing short one-liners
  • Giving the audience a chance to catch their breath
  • Working in new material
  • Upcoming shows
and much, much more!
Before you go anywhere else, visit Dale Jones online!

You can download his DVD "I have a Prescription" RIGHT HERE

And see his upcoming shows, including performances at The Stardome in Birmingham, The Comedy Catch in Chattanoogaand Two Guys Named Chrisshows in North Carolina.



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