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School Of Laughs

Welcome to the School of Laughs podcast. I am your host, Rik Roberts.

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May 26, 2016

This episode is brought to you by Patreon sponsors: BRIAN BATES & RHONDA COREY

As you move along the path of becoming a professional comedian will encounter many crossroads. Places where decisions must be made. Points where you have to make a careful choice on how to proceed. These tough decisions comics have to make can go either way. Hopefully, they go in a way where you can sleep good at night. Ideally in a way that benefits your career longevity.

In this episode, I cover about a half dozen of these pivotal moments. Specifically, moments when you realize ...

  • A club “double booked” you and you lost the gig
  • You have a better offer for a night you are already booked
  • You seem to have gone as far as you can in the clubs
  • You are gone more than you want, but still like to work
  • You aren’t getting the money you think you deserve
  • The road has flat out destroyed your health
  • You’ve been at it so long you don’t have any other skills

In each case, I discuss what steps I took to stay the course. Some of the decisions were quick and painless. Others, I really had to spend some time to figure out. Through trial and error I found ways to navigate the obstacle and continue to be funny and live the dream.

And I realize these are just a few of the potentially tough decisions you might need to make. Please let me know some others that were not part of this episode. We all have a different journey and some are trickier than others. I would love to hear your "tough decisions". Shoot me an email at Let me know if it is okay to share on the air either with your name or anonymously.  

Quick shout out to the Savage and Starbuck show for having me on this past Wednesday night. To hear that interview please visit the following link:


June 17th Jackson, OH 8PM
The Markay Theater / Southern Hills Arts Council
(740) 577-3841 of show
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