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Feb 1, 2018

Brian Kohatsu joins us today to talk about the comedy scene in Arizona. And, there is more going on than you might think. From the Improv in Tempe to the Orpheum in Flagstaff and everything in between, the comedy scene is alive and well. 

Brian has a background in Improv comedy, stand-up and lucky for us - videography!

We spend a good deal of the episode going over “down and dirty” tips on how to get high quality video without spending a ton of money. Lots of times, you have tools at your disposal already and just need tap into it. 

Included in the conversation ….

  • Tips we picked up from Dennis Miller
  • Full list of clubs in the Arizona area
  • Recording from the mixing board
  • How to mic the audience
  • Having multiple options for audio
  • Using your cell phone for audio, video or editing
  • Trouble shooting the showroom in advance
  • Recording easy in the week to get the settings right
  • Spending money when it counts
  • The evolution from reel to reel, to mini-disc to SD cards
  • Vinyl making a come back
  • Selling 8-Tracks after shows

The YouTube link to the "Video Tips for Comedians with Brian Kohatsu"


Brian teaches Improv at Stir Crazy Comedy Club



The Tempe Improv:

Stand Up Live:

Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy:

Comedy Spot (Scottsdale):

Laff’s Cafe (Tuscon):

The Orpheum (Flagstaff):


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